Look at my boys!

This is Prince

His nicknames include Pringle, Bingle, Bing, Bingus, Bimbus, Bibim, Bibish, Patoushkin, Pipim, Pipish, Sweet Pea, and others.

He is a beautiful man with the sweetest and gentlest temperament, who loves to be warm an cozy at all time. He's also the site favicon, because he is the best. Just look into his big, beautiful eyes and tell him he's not perfect. You can't.

His fur is top quality and he purrs so good. He's super tolerant and never bites or scratches, and he will let you do many things to him, such as make him into a sandwich.

He loves to be round, and sometimes he makes funny shapes. He loves to lounge with his head on the floor and his butt in the air so he looks like a weird furry snail, but usually he's just round.

Even though he is the most beautiful precious boy in the world sometimes he looks like a bit of a cryptid. Never more than in this particular picture, but he usually waits in the dark hallway for me to get out of the kitchen or bathroom.

This is the face of a man who just wants me to be safe!!!

But when he's not waiting for me to be done pooping, he likes to turn on caret browsing and look at the discord help site on my laptop.

Now that's the face of a man who knows what he's doing.

This is Pasha

His nicknames are Pash, Pipish, Pipim, Pishpash, and Pisspatch.

He is just a small little boy who came into our lives only recently. This is a photo from when we first got him and he hadn't quite grown into his massive fivehead and googly eyes yet.

Pasha's favorite hobbies include eating Prince's food and climbing everything. He is a neverending nightmare!

On the other hand he's also significantly more cuddly than Prince, who is a bit more aloof and prefers to be just out of arm's reach. Pasha loves being on or near us, and whenever he's not shoving other people's food down his gullet, he can usually be found on my lap. Or on my head.

He loves to mimic his big bro (they're not related, as far as we know but they're both our adopted sons, so they're brothers whether they like it or not). Here he is being his longest self.

And here he is commandeering my laptop. As of February 14th 2023, he is now capable of turning on caret browsing. They grow up so fast...

He is a constant source of stress, which I hear is normal for a child.

And here they are together

I actually redrew this last one and had it printed as a birthday present for my partner. I'm really proud of it.

Bonus content

how we treat our boys

Pasha dying in a glue trap