Feb 13. A new year......... And AnimangaPop Winter 2024 has already come and gone... This one was really good! Everyone was so lovely, and I got a whole bunch of fun and cool commissions that all turned out really well! I added a Milgram print to my lineup at the last last minute which ended up getting me a commission, and I'm pretty sure that definitively makes me the obscure niche fandom artist at the local cons! (I'm also the only one crazy brave enough to do half- to full-body art of Genshin characters and I think that's a draw as well!)

It'd been pretty hard thinking of anything other than con prep for a good while before, and my stress was kind of off the hook, which was not great, but everyone made it through unscathed, so everything's good. We got a new sofa because the old one was falling apart, and the new one is really nice! Even better, the cats have accepted it. Now it's just a matter of keeping this one nice until our grandchildren can inherit it, because we absolutely cannot afford to get a new one anytime soon!

Dec 30th. Pasha went for a checkup recently and turns out! He is a big boy! He's almost a whole kilo heavier than Prince at this point! He's also somehow managed to chip one of his teeth but he's eating perfectly fine so we're not worried about him.

I'm quite glad Christmas is over again, to be honest. Partner's family is always very overstimulating and stressful, but at least the food is always good. I'm very happy to be in the end of year rest period now, lmao. Does mean my birthday is rapidly approaching, though. Scary.

Nov 6th. Both UKCGF and Destiel Putin Election day have come and gone.... My beloved partner was ill so she couldn't help me at the con, but I managed to do ok! It was a shame it was a little quiet, even though Josh Widdicombe and Nish Kumar showed up, which was kind of wild. I had a great time chatting with the people who came up, and it was so lovely to see the people who were so excited to see Persona and JoJo stuff, because there really wasn't a whole lot around. The cosplays were amazing, too, I saw a lot of really cool ones! I'm already excited to go back!

October 12. Hee Hoo last month I worked on a game for a jam the whole month, and I actually managed to finish it!! For the whole month of october you can rate it so i get a better shot at winning one of them tasty vograce gift cards, so please check out my game and drop it some stars if you like it or however it works.

Also I was at Devcon oct 1st and i'll be at UKCGF Plymouth Nov 4 and 5 as u can see on the handy dandy new sidebar I made!!! so if you're in the area do come and say hi and peruse my wares pls I love u 5ever

August 13. I opened an online store! It's got the same lineup as I have for cons, so even those of you who don't live in the area can pick up something nice! Please give it a look, thanks!

August 2. Artfight has come and gone again, and I've been able to update both the gallery and fanart pages with a lot of new stuff! I'm really stoked with all the stuff other people made for me, and I'm incredibly proud with both the quality and quantity of what I've managed to produce myself!

I'm also going to have a table at Animangapop Plymouth on Saturday! If you see me there, please say hi and have a look at my stuff! It's been a bit of an ad-hoc situation, so I'm not as prepared as I'd like to be, but I'm confident I'll still turn out something cool.

In less fun news, our baby boy Pasha has sadly managed to tear one of his nails clean off, and it's looked pretty nasty while it's been healing. Fortunately, he's not let it get to him very much and he's still his usual energetic self. Either way, I hope his poor little toe recovers fast :'(

June 14. Another update, now I have a page that shows off some of the wonderful stuff other people have drawn of my characters! Please give it a look, everyone's got such cool art!!

May 22. Big update! Finally have some non-Dead YET art up on the gallery page~ And check out the boys page for a beautiful painting I did of both of my sweet sons for my beloved partner's birthday!

March 2. Our cats are having to take some medicine and they are Not having it. Trying to give it to them has resulted in more than a few scrapes on my hands which are not fun when I have to wash them :(

I've been working on a bunch of merch stuff for a con I wanna go to. Gnuinely wonder how much of it will sell, also given that I know at least some of the stuff I'm making is obscure and old as hell, but like at least I'll know that I've put my whole bussy into it and maybe that'll be enough.