stinky baby time

Jun 8th. I'm never able to be consistent with anything. I drew like the wind in preparation for the last con, and managed to finish 10 charm designs (different front and back) as well as another 7 stickers, as well as another 6 commissions during the weekend itself. I did a lot and worked really hard! And ever since I've drawn like barely anything because I guess I needed the break lmao

I've played a bunch of Hades 2 and Rimworld since then, And in the last week I started reading a webcomic called No Home and a webnovel called Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, both of which I've enjoyed a lot. A few friends have made a group chat for our Japanese language studies, and I'm hoping that lets me keep up with it a little better. It's been kind of awkward having the app on my phone for like a week and being unable to look at it. So far it's been doing good!

I'm not quite sure when my next con's gonna be now, though. There's a Devcon in September, I think? Summer AMP has been canceled... I definitely want to be at the Animangapop/gameology partnership in February, but as far as I can tell tables for that aren't available yet. Stay tuned, I guess!

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